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This Skewed Up Life
Wednesday, 18 February 2004
Things of the Day
* License plate reads "LYNCHZ"....wouldn't usually amuse me except the guy driving the SUV was black....(no I'm not racist, just thought this was very ironic)

* Again, the stupidity of some people amuses me to no end. When talking to a debtor today a co-worker of mine asked him whether he had any dependents, he promptly responded that yes, he owns a house. q:P

* My fundraising campaign is going well, I so far have gained the attention of a few local triathlon groups and I have secured an agreement with the local Kidney Foundation Branch to produce pledge forms as well as provide promotional material and media coverage.

* Saw a guy walking his dog this morning, as the dog stops to take a shit the man patiently waits. When when the dog is done, he bends over and WIPES THE DOGS ASS!!! What the fuck is wrong with people? If the dog was worried about that, don't you think he'd do something about it?

* Why is it when you're obviously sick that people continually ask you whether you are feeling well or not? I mean, isn't it bad eough that you feel like shit? Why remind you about it?

* Today I was asked by a co-worker if I really read that stuff and how can I be interested so intensely in it.....I was reading a newspaper.

* And last but not least, never throw up after eating Clam looks a lot like afterbirth....

Posted by tri4acure at 9:52 PM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 18 February 2004 10:21 PM EST
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Thursday, 12 February 2004
Well here we go.....
Hi everybody,

I hv no idea wht got into me to write this but I've decided to get into this web log craze. I'm a single guy who has absolutely no problem sharing his opinions with others, no matter how blunt thy can be at times. Most people either see me as rude or cocky, but I don't care, thy're just weak neways. My job takes full advantage of my personality, I'm a collection agent, so I get to deal with deadbeats and losers all day. I just love hearing them pretend that thy forgot to pay their bill, or try to tell me that their dog ate their bill or that they were kidnapped by barbara streisand and forced to be her bitch. I think if we piled all the debtors on earth in a high walled enclosure and then filled it with water we would all be better off.

I spend my off time pushing my limits in extreme sports. I'm an avid mountain climber and now I'm getting into triathlon to show others that I can kick ass racing as well as climbing. As you can see, I'm highly competitive. :-p I've been a boxer in the past and I went to the Ontario Winter Games for Judo a few years ago. I've been known to scale buildings while drinking and I'm no stranger to causing a scene from time to time.

It's just not been enuf, I need more.

I run a nutrition company in my spare time out of my home, more for fun than anything since I've never really made much of a profit doing it. I guess I just love to give out advice and see other people succeed like I did. You see, a few years ago I was a big fat ass, I mean a couch potato so big that I wud suck you into my orbit if you stuck around too long. I was almost 200lbs!!! and at 5'5" that's fat! Now I weigh in at a healthy 130lbs and I've never felt better. Those of you who think that you'll never be skinny, stop! Set yourself some goals, keep to a routine and look at what you eat, not how much of it and you can make your life better.

I do community service in the time I hv left, raising money for various charities, right now I'm helping to raise money for the Kidney Foundation of Canada by taking pledges for my upcoming race season. I'm also thinking of becoming a big brother, we'll see.

My main goal with this Blog is, well, to vent! I'll post random thoughts, sports training tips, nutrition and eating info and keep everyone up to date with my skewed up life.


Posted by tri4acure at 9:58 PM EST
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